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Getting started

New to Wisepops? Check out this starter kit to learn everything there is to know about Wisepops and how to get started.

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App & features

This section offers guides on effectively using Wisepops. From creating campaigns to integrating third-party tools and employing advanced targeting, these articles provide step-by-step instructions to leverage Wisepops' tools for your marketing.

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Analytics & Reporting

This section will explain how to read and interpret the analytics and reports for popups and notifications campaigns.

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Account & Setup

Everything about your Wisepops account, tracking code, users, websites, payment, and subscription.

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Security & Compliance

In this section, you'll discover the resources you need to keep your onsite marketing compliant.

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Comprehensive repository of commonly asked questions about using Wisepops. From getting started to advanced features, this section provides quick answers and solutions to help you make the most of our platform.

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Your go-to resource for resolving any issues you may encounter while using our services. Here, you'll find guides and articles addressing common problems, ensuring a smooth and efficient Wisepops experience.

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