Connect Wisepops with Emarsys

Lisa Fockens Updated by Lisa Fockens

This integration is currently in closed beta. Please contact us to activate it.

Once you've been enrolled in the beta, follow these steps to sync your leads with your Emarsys account:

Step 1: Log in to your Emarsys account.

Step 2: In the left menu, click Management > Security Settings. You must be an owner of the Emarsys account to access these settings.

Step 3: Confirm that you want to create a new API user, and type your password to verify your identity.

Step 4: Once the API user is created, copy the user name and password.

Step 5: Click OK to come back to the API users list. And click the pencil icon to edit the new API user.

Step 6: Change the comment to Wisepops so the purpose of this API user is clear.

Step 7: Add the following permissions

  • contact.create
  • contact.update
  • contactlist.list
  • field.get

Step 8: Log in to your Wisepops account.

Step 9: Open or create a campaign with a sign-up form.

Step 10: Click your sign-up form.

Step 11: In the left menu, click Sync.

Step 12: Click the Emarsys icon. If you don't see it, ensure that you've been enrolled in our Emarsys closed beta.

Step 12: Copy and paste the Emarsys API user name and password in the authentication window, and click Submit.

Step 12: In the list menu, choose which list you'd like new subscribers to join.

You're done :)

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