Trigger a popup from the notification feed

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Trigger a popup from the notification feed

With Wisepops, you have access to an innovative onsite marketing platform that enables you to display both popups and notifications. This tutorial will show you how to display a popup when a visitor clicks on the CTA of a notification. This allows you to benefit from all our powerful popup features - without interfering with the browsing navigation.

Examples of popup campaigns that can be triggered from notifications include:
  1. Survey your visitors: ask them about their pain points or preferences
  2. Spin to win: a delightful game that rewards your visitors in exchange for their emails
  3. Multiple fields Signups: enrich your leads with multiple fields - compatible with all the Email services supported by our popups.

To trigger the popup, you will need two campaigns: one 'Notification' campaign and one 'Popup' campaign - then connect them together.

Step #1: Create the notification campaign

Click on the "Notifications" tab and create a notification campaign using the "Announce" template.

Add a teaser, message and button label that is relevant to the popup campaign that you want to trigger. Set the "button action" to "Close notification". Feel free to select any targeting option you prefer.

Finally, write down the campaign identifier in the URL. In our example below, the identifier is 18380.

Leave the campaign unpublished for now.

Step #2: Create the popup campaign

Now, go to the "Popups" tab and create the popup campaign that you want to trigger. You can use any popup template available to you: signup, spin-to-win, survey, etc. In our case, we will trigger a simple Signup popup.

Step #3: Connect your popup to the notification

This is the step where the magic happens - you are going to tell your popup campaign to trigger when a visitor clicks on the CTA button of the notification. To do that, you need to do two things in the popup "display rules":

  1. Firstly, set the trigger to "on Custom Event", and set the custom event to "notification-complete".
  1. Secondly, still inside the "Display rules", go to the "Custom Properties" tab and create a new rule. Type "notificationId" (case sensitive - note that it is a capital "i" in the last two letters "Id"), the condition to "is equal to", then fill up the campaign identifier of the notification we create in step #1. In our case, 18380.

Still in the "Display Rules", you can change the "show again" and "stop showing" frequency options based on your preferred behavior. For example, we recommend that you keep displaying the popup every time the visitor clicks on the notification CTA button, by setting the "show again" option to "Every page load".

Step #4: Publish both campaigns

That's it, you just need to publish both campaigns, and your first cross-format onsite market campaign should be active!

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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