Target or Exclude a Specific URL, Domain or Group of URLs

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Target a specific URL

To display your popup on specific URLs, click the Display icon in the Wisepops builder.

Open the Pages section and click Select URLs

Copy and paste your URL and select "Is equal to" in the drop-down menu.

Target a group of pages

If you have a group of URLs to target and you don't want to input them all, you can target a keyword using the "Contains" option in the drop-down menu. The popup will then appear on all the URLs that contain your keyword.

You can also target multiple keywords:

Exclude a group of pages

Exclusion works the same way. You can exclude URLs that contain a specific keyword

You can also exclude multiple keywords.

Important note: when excluding multiple keywords, you need to use the "AND" operator:

Target a sub-domain or a sub-folder

Use the "Starts with" operator to target a sub-domain or sub-folder.

For example, if you want to target your blog readers, you can target all the URLs that start with "blog".

The same works for sub-domains:

If you need assistance setting this up, get in touch with our team via chat.

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