Add Wisepops with Google Tag Manager

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Note: if you're using Wisepops on a single-page app, refer to this guide instead.

Step 1:

Log in to your Wisepops account.

Step 2:

Open the websites management page (direct link).

Step 3:

Next to the website's URL, click on the ... symbol and select Setup code.

Copy the code:

Step 4:

Log in to your GTM account

Step 5:

Click on "Add a new tag" in your account

Step 6:

Click on tag configuration and select custom HTML as the tag type.

Step 7:

Paste the code you previously copied 

Step 8:

Scroll down and click on "Triggering".

Step 9:

In the upper right corner, click on "New trigger"

Step 10:

Click on "Trigger configuration"

Step 11:

In the list, select "DOM Ready"

Note: If you want the tag to load on specific pages only, you can create a condition based on the URL:

Step 12:

Give your trigger a name and save it.

Step 13:

Your trigger is ready! Now give your tag a name and save it.

Step 14:

Then click on "Publish"

Check the setup using Chrome or Firefox

Still not seeing your popup? Check this troubleshooting guide.

You're done! :)

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