Create a multi-step campaign

Lisa Fockens Updated by Lisa Fockens

You can create popups, embeds and bars that display over several steps. Multi-step campaigns are a powerful way to engage your visitors in a deeper way, for example:

  • By getting your visitor engaged one step at a time with micro-commitments
  • By enriching your signup campaigns with profile data by collecting their email or phone number and then asking for more information
When a visitors fills up a form in multiple steps, the information is saved at each step

How to add new steps

To create a multi-step campaign, we recommend that you start from a template which already has several steps enabled. You can recognize these templates from their "multi-step" badge in the template gallery. If you start from scratch from a campaign with only one step, you can always add a second step by adding a CTA button or signup form, clicking on the button and selecting the action "show next step" for the button.

Once you have done this, a bar will appear on top of your design that will let you add and remove steps. You can add up to 10 steps.

By clicking on the three dots next to one step, you will be able to insert a new step before or after the current step (the new step will duplicate the current step) or remove the current step.

Multi-step signup forms

You can collect contact or survey data across different steps. In that case, the data is saved at each step of the campaign after the visitor submit.

If your signup form is connected to your email service provider, you need to include the primary identifier field for the contacts in the first step of the form. If your form is not connected to any email service provider, you can include the primary identifier field at any step of the form.

How to apply the design from one step to all steps

When you have designed one step, you can apply the same design to all other steps by clicking on the "Design" tab in the left menu and then clicking on "Apply this design to all steps".


  • Disconnected step: a disconnected step has a warning sign next to it. To fix it, you need to make sure that there is a button in the previous step which has the action "show next step". Otherwise, your visitors will never be able to display this step.
  • Primary fields are not on the first step of the form: This error only applies to signup forms with an active sync. If your signup form is set up to send contacts to your preferred email service provider, the first step of the form needs to include the primary identifier for that contact - email or phone number.

Use a custom font in your campaign