Scheduling your campaigns

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Our Scheduling option allows you to activate and deactivate a campaign at predetermined times. This functionality makes it easy to create and execute multiple campaigns, especially during the busy season.  

To access the scheduling options:

  • Open your dashboard and click "..." next to your campaign
  • Select "Schedule" in the dropdown menu

Then read the instructions adapted to your situation.

Display your campaign during a given period

Let's say you want to display your campaign during a specific period of time (sales, Christmas season, etc.). Here's how to do it:

Don't forget to activate your campaign when you're done with the scheduler:

Here's a quick example. I want to display my campaign every day between March 1st and March 23rd. My visitors are mostly in the Eastern Time Zone:

Display your popups on specific days and hours of the week

Now let's say you want to have the same display schedule every week.

I remove the start and end dates and add the days on which I want the popup to appear.


Again, don't forget to activate your campaign when you're ready!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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