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My popup doesn't display

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Your popup doesn't appear? Don't worry, we can fix this.

Follow this step-by-step guide to fix the problem.

1. Check again in private navigation

Open a private session/use incognito mode to confirm your popup is not displaying. Viewing your site this way allows you to see it as if you're a first-time visitor. Here's how to use private navigation on Chrome.

If your popup is displaying in private navigation, it means you didn't see the popup when you first checked because of your frequency and/or audience settings.

2. Check your Wisepops code

To use Wisepops, you have to install Wisepops setup code on your website.

Check that the code is loading on the page that you're using for your tests.

3. Check your Wisepops code (again)

If you're managing multiple websites, make sure you embedded the right code on the right domain. These are all common issues.

Follow these instructions to access the setup code and check the right part of the setup code's URL:

Compare it with what you have in your website settings:

These should match.

3. Confirm that your campaign is published

Go to your Wisepops dashboard and confirm that the campaign is in published mode.

4. Check your popup schedule

If you turned on the schedule option, make sure it's correctly configured.

5. Check your countdown timer

If you used a fixed date for your countdown timer, make sure the end date/time is set in the future.

6. Check your URL settings

If you have set your campaign to display on targeted URLs only, make sure the URL is correct. Pay close attention to the following:

7. Check your delay settings

If you select "display after 50 seconds" and "after 3 pages" the popup will only display on the 4th page, after 50 seconds on this same page. Make sure to select a reasonable timing, we recommend 5-10 seconds.

8. Check your other campaigns

Wisepops allows only one popup to display on a given page. So if you're not seeing your campaign, it could be that a different campaign is set to be displayed instead. Let's say that you have two campaigns, one displayed on landing and the other on exit, both eligible to display on the same page. You may not see your landing popup because our system has chosen the exit popup to appear instead.

9. Check your firewall

Try opening your website on your cellphone using cellular data. If you can see the popup, your company probably uses a firewall that blocks Wisepops.

If you haven't found the solution to your problem yet, contact us through the chat. We'll be happy to help.

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