Getting started

​Meet Wisepops

Wisepops is an onsite marketing platform for creating and publishing engaging and contextual marketing campaigns on your website.

Lisa Fockens
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Getting started with popups

Tired of reading and just want to get your hands dirty? Here are the best ways to dive headfirst into Wisepops. 1. Sign in to Wisepops. To get started, log onto Wisepops from your browser 2. Create y…

Lisa Fockens
Updated 2 months ago by Lisa Fockens

Getting started with notifications

The onsite notification feed allows companies to communicate with visitors on their site without being intrusive, and visitors love engaging with it. It's a simple concept, but it can perform complex…

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Onsite marketing best practices

Wondering what the secrets are of high-converting onsite marketing campaigns? Check out our onsite marketing masterclass. During this 18-minute session, you’ll learn actionable tips on how to create…

Lisa Fockens
Updated 5 months ago by Lisa Fockens