Guidelines for writing game rules

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If you're running a marketing campaign or contest, it is essential to have rules that are complete and precise in order to protect yourself. Below are some guidelines for writing your own game rules:

  1. Basic Information: Your rules should include basic information such as the organizer and their address, registration number, name of the game, and start and end dates and times of the competition.
  2. Prizes: Clearly list the prizes to be won, including their quantity, description, and value.
  3. Winner Selection: Specify the method for selecting winners and how they will be notified.
  4. Prize Delivery: Include terms of prize delivery to winners, including shipping details.
  5. Participation: If the game allows participation with Facebook, make sure to add the mention "This operation is neither organised nor sponsored by Facebook".
  6. Limits: Include any geographical restrictions such as "United States", as well as any age restrictions, number of entries permitted, and standard clauses.

Wisepops Rules Service

Please note that it is no longer mandatory to file rules with a bailiff. Nevertheless, for your marketing operations, it is still advisable to download the most complete and precise rules possible in order to protect yourself. Wisepops does not provide a model of rules, as the drafting of rules is a service reserved for legal professionals such as lawyers, notaries, and bailiffs.

For games that require a purchase, it is essential to have rules written by a professional. If the prize is substantial, it is advisable to go through a bailiff.

By following these guidelines and drafting clear and concise rules, you can ensure that your marketing campaign or contest runs smoothly and without legal issues.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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