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All plans include one free website or more. You can add websites for $10/website/month.

  • Log in to your Wisepops Dashboard.
  • Click on your “Profile” in the right-hand corner and select "Websites" in the drop-down menu

Add a website

  • Click on the "Add website" button
  • Type your website domain, and press "Add website"

  • Install Wisepops tracking code on your website
Unsure how to install Wisepops on your website? You can refer to this documentation: ➕ Add Wisepops to your Website

Deactivate a website

To deactivate a website, click on "..." and select "Deactivate" in the dropdown menu

We don't count pageviews on deactivated websites and we stop charging you for the additional website cost while it's deactivated.

Permanently delete a website

  • In order to permanently delete a website domain from your account, deactivate it and then click back on "..." and select "Delete" in the dropdown menu

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