Default Custom Properties in Magento

Lisa Fockens Updated by Lisa Fockens

When you set up our Magento extension, we create three custom properties. You can use them to refine your display scenario. Let’s review how they work and how you can use them.

Number of

The first property is named magentoItemsInCart.

It counts the number of items that the user has in her cart. It’s especially useful if you want to display popups or bars to boost the number of items visitors purchase from you.

For example, you can use it to display a popup when the user has at least one item in the cart. This is what the display scenario would look like:

Cart value

The second property is magentoCartValue.

It reflects the user’s cart value. It can help you boost the average order value by offering a reward for users who spend more on your store.

For example, you can use it to display a free shipping popup when the user’s cart value is less than $50. The display scenario would look like this:

Logged in

The last property is magentoLoggedIn. It’s equal to 0 if the visitor is logged out and equal to 1 if the user is logged in.

Use this property to prompt your users to register or to share specific offers with your registered users.

This is how we would target logged in users:

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