A/B testing

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An AB test allows you to compare two versions (or more) of a popup against each other to determine which one performs better. 

What can you A/B test?

Some examples of things you could test:

  • Targeting rules: should you add a delay before display or should you display your popup immediately?

  • Popup design: not sure about your popup copy? Why not try different designs?

  • Coupon amount: wondering how coupon amount can impact your subscription rate? Test different coupons and measure the impact on your subscription rate.

Best practices

When you start an A/B test make sure to keep in mind the following elements:

  • It can take some time before you get significant results. The significance of your AB test is estimated in your reporting.

  • If you want quick results, limit the number of variants. The more variants you have, the longer it will take to collect data and thus get significant results.

  • Make sure you're testing one element after the other. If your variants have a lot of differences, it will be harder to identify which elements really did the difference between your two variants.

Step-by-step process

1- In your dashboard click 'A/B test' next to your campaign

2- Apply the modifications you want to test to your variant

3- Set the percentage of traffic you want to attribute to each variant

4- You can add additional variants by clicking 'Duplicate as new variation' next to one of the variations.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.

Conclude a test

To know then the test is significant, you can check your reporting page.
We display a confirmation message when we have enough data:

Once you're ready to stop the test, you can click "Duplicate as new campaign" next to the winning version. It will stop the A/B test and duplicate your variant into a new campaign.

Create a control group