Using Custom Properties and Events for contextual targeting in Wisepops

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In Wisepops, custom properties and events are powerful tools that allow you to tailor your popups based on user actions and specific conditions. But what's the difference between them, and when should you use each one?

To set up custom properties and events, you may need a developer from your team. While our standard Wisepops plans do not include advanced support, this feature is available in our enterprise offerings. We are also happy to provide additional development assistance as needed, billed on an hourly basis.

Custom Properties

Custom properties are conditions used to fine-tune your targeting. These can be based on page details (like product stock or price), user behavior (like cart value or number of page views), or user information (like last purchase date or loyalty status).

Example: Let's say you want to offer a free gift for orders over $100. You could create a "Cart value" custom property and target users whose cart value is less than $100, encouraging them to increase their purchase amount.

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Custom Events

Think of custom events as actions taken by your website visitors. They could be anything from clicking a button, adding a product to the cart, pausing a video, or completing a download. You can set these events to trigger popups, enhancing the default triggers that Wisepops already provides.

Example: Imagine you run an e-commerce store and you have implemented a feature where users can save their favorite items. You could set up a custom event to trigger a popup when a user adds an item to their favorites for the first time. This popup could provide a special discount code as a reward for using this feature, thereby encouraging customer engagement and potential purchases.

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Which Should I Use?

While both custom properties and events are useful, it's important to use them correctly. A common mistake is using custom events to provide page context. If you're firing a custom event when a page loads, you're probably better off using a custom property instead.

By understanding and correctly using custom properties and events, you'll be able to create more personalized and effective popups.

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