Getting started with notifications

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The onsite notification feed allows companies to communicate with visitors on their site without being intrusive, and visitors love engaging with it. It's a simple concept, but it can perform complex and important tasks.

1. Take a product tour

Understand the key concepts of the Wisepops notifications or check out the slides below:

2. Install the tracking code on your website

To learn how, check out Install the feed on your website

3. Embedding the feed in your website header

Once the tracking code is installed, it automatically appears as the floating feed. You likely installed the feed intending to have the feed embedded in your header.

To learn how, check out Embedding the feed

4. Create your first notification

Notifications are the content you want to deliver to your visitors. Creating a notification is super easy.

To learn how, check out How to create your first notification

5. Set up goal tracking

Goal tracking allows you to measure the contribution of your feed and notifications to your store’s revenue.

To learn how, check out Set up goal tracking

6. Join an orientation session

If you’d like a hands-on lesson on using the onsite notifications feed, sign up for one of our upcoming orientation sessions. One of our team members will give you a personalized live tour.

7. Learn about campaign strategy

Using notifications effectively comes down to understanding your customer journey and introducing the right content to help advance your visitors through your funnel. 

Check out our campaign strategy guide

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