How to create a survey with Wisepops

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Surveys are an efficient tool for collecting customer feedback. Displaying popup surveys or embedding them on your website or blog, will allow your visitors to directly participate in your survey without ever leaving your site or opening a new window.

If you want to embed an existing survey from a 3rd party tool like Typeform, Surveymonkey, etc. for more advanced survey use cases, please refer to our dedicated doc.

Create a survey campaign

  1. From your dashboard, hit the "New campaign" and select "Campaign Assistant".
  2. Select the goal "Collect Feedback".
  1. In the next screen select the type of survey you would like to run
  1. Decide whether to embed your survey or have it appear as a popup

If you opted for the "embeds", please also refer to our dedicated tutorial
  1. Choose your preferred layout.

Make copy and design adjustments

  1. Now the fun part. In the design-builder, customize the colors and design to match your brand identity and website. Don't forget to add your own text.
  1. Click on the survey block to open the survey settings. The left-side menu will let you edit, add, or remove question fields.

You can add a phone, email, text, long text, checkbox, dropdown, text, and radio inputs.

  1. Once you're happy with the design of the main popup, edit the confirmation message in the "Thank you" tab

Target the right audience at the right time

  1. Head to the Display rules section and adjust the targeting settings of your survey popup.

Wisepops has various advanced targeting features; you may use and combine them as you need to ensure that you target the right audience at the right time.

That's it. You can now publish your survey on your website and start collecting feedback.

View your survey results

You can download the emails or survey results of a specific campaign directly from your dashboard by selecting the "Export data" option next to your campaign.

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