Tips for effectively reporting an issue

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Our support team is dedicated to helping you get the most out of Wisepops. In order to resolve customer issues quickly and effectively, we need certain pieces of information. Here's some simple tips on how you can communicate your product issues and reduce your response wait time.

If you have an issue with a campaign, include the link to the campaign in your message.

For example:

Steps to reproduce

Explain how we can reproduce the issue you're facing. For example, you could send us something like this:

  • With a desktop device, go to
  • Log in with the credentials "username" and "password" (please provide credentials when necessary)
  • Then click "My orders"

When you have a broad problem (e.g., "My campaign should have more displays"), it helps a lot if you manage to find and include a case where the campaign should have appeared but didn't.

What do you experience? What do you expect?

Explain exactly what is happening with your campaign. Do you see an error message? Any error in the Javascript console? Including a screenshot in your report can be helpful.

Also, it is important to state what you expected or intended to happen.

One problem at a time

One thread should be focused on one problem. If you have different issues that seem to be related, it's easier to resolve them in sequence, one at a time.

If you have different issues that aren't related, create multiple discussions for them. You can create a new discussion in out chat box by clicking the back icon in the upper left corner:

Provide debugging information

Sometimes it's impossible to reproduce the issue on our side. Because we can't access an intranet. Or because the issue is happening randomly. In these situations, you can provide data that will assist us in understanding what happened on your computer. Follow these steps to find the data:

  • On Chrome, open the dev tools (F12)
  • Go to the "Network" tab
  • Filter by "wisepops"
  • Navigate to the page your campaign is expected and perform the actions that should trigger the campaign display
  • Click on the last line "my-wisepop"
  • Go to the "Payload" tab
  • Copy and paste everything you see in the Form Data section

You can also consider installing Wisepops on your staging website. This will enable us to test the integration with our service on an environment isolated from your production environment.

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