Add Wisepops to Drupal 8

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Wisepops is fully compatible with Drupal 8. Follow these steps to set up Wisepops on your Drupal website.

Step 1: Log in to your Wisepops account.

Step 2: Open the websites management page (direct link).

Step 3: Next to the website's URL, click on the ... symbol and select "Setup code".

Copy the code:

Step 4: Log in your Drupal admin

Step 5: In the upper menu, click on Structure

Step 6: Click Block layout

Step 7: Click on Custom block library

Step 8: Click "Add custom block"

Step 9: Input your title (example: Wisepops block) and select "Full HTML"

Step 10: Click on "Source" and paste your Wisepops code. Then click save.

Step 11: Click on the Block layout tab

Step 12: Look for your footer in the list and click "Place block"

Step 13: Look for the block you just created in the list and click "Place block"

Step 14: Uncheck "Display title" and click "Save block"

Step 15: Check the setup using Chrome or Firefox

Still not seeing your popup? Check this troubleshooting guide.

You're done!

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