Create an Exit Popup

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Exit popups are a great way to reach visitors when they are about to leave your website. You can easily create exit popups with Wisepops.

How do exit popups work?

To detect a visitor exit, we track your users' mouse movement. When your visitors are about to close the page they're on, they have to move their mouse upwards to reach for the close option. We detect and interpret this mouse movement as an exit and will trigger your popup.

If you want to preview your exit popup on your site, just repeat the mouse trajectory as if you were about to close your tab or browser.

On mobiles, it's a different story. If you want to learn more about mobile exit intent, check out this article.

Trigger a popup to display on exit

It's easy to set your popup to display on exit. Firstly, open your popup, click Display and select the trigger On exit. It's that simple!

For additional tips and advice to increase conversion, check out our article about exit popups.

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