Add Wisepops to Your Website

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To start displaying your campaigns, all you need to do is insert your Wisepops setup code in the backend of your website.

Step 1: Add Wisepops setup code to your website

There are four different ways you can add your Wisepops setup code. Pick the one that is right for your website.

Technique #1: Add Wisepops to your CMS (direct integration)

You can install Wisepops on your website using one of our direct CMS Integrations.

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Technique #2: Add Wisepops to your website using Google Tag Manager

If your CMS is not on the list, you can easily install Wisepops using Google Tag Manager.

Technique #3: Add Wisepops to your custom website

If you have a custom-built website, you can install Wisepops as long as your site supports Javascript. Check out this guide for instructions.

Technique #4: Add Wisepops to your Single-Page Application (SPA)

If your website is a Single-Page Application (SPA), refer to this documentation.

Step 2: Check your code implementation

Check if your Wisepops code is properly embedded with just a few clicks using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Check our video tutorial for step-by-step instructions👇

Now that you’ve implemented the setup code on your website, the last step is to activate your campaign.

Head to your Wisepops dashboard and click the toggle on the lefthand side of the campaign name. If the button is grey, your campaign is inactive. If the button is blue, your campaign is live.

Not seeing your popup on your website? Try these tips.

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