Can I show more than one popup on the same page?

Lisa Fockens Updated by Lisa Fockens

You can have multiple active popups on your website, but there are certain restrictions on how many campaigns can load on a single page. The following rules apply:

- There is no limit on embeds.

- There is no limit on click-triggered popups.

- Custom-event-triggered popups will close any other visible popups when they are displayed.

- Only one bar (with a trigger other than click or custom event) is allowed.

- Only one popup (with a trigger other than click or custom event) is allowed.

These rules are in place to protect the user experience and ensure that visitors are not spammed accidentally.

If you want to display multiple pop-ups on your website, we recommend setting them to display on different pages.

For example, you can create your first pop-up and select the "on landing" trigger, and then create your second pop-up and set it to appear after "1-page view".

Alternatively, you can use a bar or an embed campaign in conjunction with a pop-up. For instance, you could display a pop-up and a bar on the same page.

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