How to target Klaviyo Segments in Wisepops

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Powerful popup targeting using Klaviyo segments

Targeting a Wisepops popup, bar or embed based on Klaviyo segments allows you to leverage the data that you already have in Klaviyo to display personalized messages on your website. Examples of powerful onsite messages you can display based on Klaviyo Segments include :

  • Reactivate customers who have not clicked on your marketing emails for a long time
  • Target visitors with personalized product recommendations based on their past interests
  • Reward your top customers with discount codes

How to target a Klaviyo Segment on Wisepops

  1. Ensure an Active Klaviyo Connection

To use Klaviyo segment targeting in Wisepops, you must have at least one campaign with an active Klaviyo connection. The Klaviyo Segment targeting feature will be available only for campaigns in the website with an active Klaviyo connection.

  1. Access Display Rules in the Popup Editor

Click on the "Display rules" section within the popup editor, followed by the "Advanced" tab. You should see the Klaviyo logo, indicating an active Klaviyo connection.

  1. Adjust Settings for Klaviyo Segments

Ensure that the checkbox "Exclude existing subscribers" is unchecked, as it is meant to exclude all visitors tracked by Klaviyo. You can then choose to include up to one Klaviyo segment and exclude up to one Klaviyo segment.

  1. Select Desired Klaviyo Segments

The Klaviyo segments dropdown loads segments in batches of 10. If you have more than 10 segments, keep scrolling down until you find the desired segment.

Note that the Klaviyo API does not support alphabetical sorting of segments.
  1. Combine Klaviyo Targeting with Other Rules

Klaviyo targeting works in conjunction with other Trigger, Pages, Audience, and Frequency rules defined in other sections.

  1. Review Klaviyo Segment Targeting Configuration

Once you've configured Klaviyo segment targeting, the "Klaviyo segments" section should be correctly displayed in the campaign overview screen.

With these steps, you'll be able to target specific Klaviyo segments in your Wisepops campaigns, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of your popups, bars, and embeds.

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