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View, Manage or Cancel your subscription

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In your Wisepops account, click Settings in the left menu, then go to the Billing tab

  1. View and update your subscription
  2. Update your payment method
  3. Access & download your invoices

You might need to scroll down a bit to see the next settings

  1. Send invoice via email
  2. Change your company details
  3. Cancel your subscription

View and update your subscription

You can upgrade or downgrade anytime during the billing cycle. All payments are pro-rated.

To update your plan, click on Update plan and Select the appropriate plan:

Validate your payment. You're done!

If you are on an Enterprise Plan (above 1,000,000 pageviews/month) or a legacy plan, please contact us on the chat or by email (, and our support team will provide the adequate plan downgrade/upgrade link.

Update your payment method

To edit an existing payment method:

  • In your Wisepops account, go to Settings > Billing
  • Find the Payment method section
  • Click on the Pen icon at the top right of the credit card to make changes.
  • Make any necessary edits to the card information
  • Click Save

Access & download your invoices

To see invoice details and download them, click on View Invoice.

Add and/or update billing contact

You can set a billing contact in your Wisepops so they will receive copies of invoices, receipts, and other renewal notifications. You can only set up one billing contact per Wisepops account. You can add the individual or group/generic email so that multiple people can receive them (eg:

  • In your Wisepops account, go to Settings > Billing
  • Scroll down a bit and find the Email invoices section
  • To add a billing contact, press the toggle and type the email of the contact who should receive these invoices

Change your company details

To find and change your company details:

  • In your Wisepops account, go to Settings > Billing.
  • Find the Company Info section
  • Make any necessary edits to your company info
  • Click Save changes

Cancel your subscription

To cancel your Wisepops subscription

  • In your Wisepops account, go to Settings > Billing.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • Find the Cancel subscription section
  • Click on the Cancel account button 😢.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Understand how Wisepops billing works