Add the notification feed with Shopify

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You can now integrate the Wisepops notification feed into your Shopify store directly from the Shopify theme editor.

  1. In the Wisepops app settings, select "Notifications" then click on "Setup with Shopify". This implementation method should be displayed by default if you installed Wisepops' Shopify app on your website.
  1. You will be sent to Shopify theme editor. There expand the section where you aim to integrate the notification feed. In our case, this will be in the header. Click on "Add block"

  1. In the modal that just opened, select Wisepops bell in the "Apps" tab
  1. Wait a few seconds and you should see Wisepops default bell showing up.

  1. Optionally, by clicking on the bell, you can customize its color and appearance.

You followed the steps above and you cannot see the bell? This installation method may not work with all Shopify themes. In this case, we suggest you follow the general installation method as described in this helpdoc.

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