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How to use discount codes in Wisepops

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Boosting conversion rates and click-through rates is a primary goal for marketers, and incorporating discount codes into your Wisepops campaigns can be a game-changer. Studies have shown that campaigns featuring well-implemented discount codes can experience a significant uplift in conversion rates, with some benchmarks indicating an increase of up to 30% in conversions and a 20% rise in click-through rates compared to campaigns without discounts.

The Discount Code Block feature in Wisepops is a versatile tool that allows you to provide enticing discount opportunities to your website visitors effortlessly. By simplifying the process of copying coupon codes with just a single click, this feature not only enhances user experience but also drives higher engagement levels. Here's how you can harness the power of discount codes effectively.

Strategic Scenarios to use Discount Codes

  • Offer Discounts After Sign-up: Drive conversions by enticing new users with exclusive discount codes upon sign-up, nudging them towards their first purchase.
  • Combat Cart Abandonment: Reclaim lost sales by tempting cart abandoners with enticing discount offers, persuading them to complete their purchase.
  • Create Urgency with Time-Limited Offers: Infuse urgency and FOMO into your campaigns by showcasing time-sensitive discount codes that spur immediate action from your audience.
  • Boost Cart Value: Encourage customers to spend more by offering tiered discounts based on their cart value, motivating them to increase their purchase total for greater savings.

How to add the discount to your campaign

Please note: Shopify users can consult the following article for guidance on creating unique Shopify discount codes within their popups and notifications.
  1. Drag & Drop: Simply drag the discount element from the menu onto your campaign canvas, just like adding any other element in the builder.
  1. Edit Coupon Text: Customize the coupon code text on the left side of the builder by inputting your desired letters or numbers.
  2. Customize Follow-up Actions: Tailor the Discount Button message and set up follow-up actions like confirming successful code copying, redirecting to specific pages, or applying discounts directly to the cart using permalinks.
  3. Stylize Your Element: Personalize the element to align with your brand aesthetic by adjusting font, size, alignment, color, spacing, and more to create a visually engaging experience
  4. Launch Your Campaign: With these steps completed, your campaign is primed and ready to captivate your audience effectively.

Best Practices for Using Coupon Codes in Wisepops Campaigns

When incorporating coupon codes into your Wisepops campaigns, following best practices can enhance their effectiveness and maximize engagement. Here are some key guidelines to consider:

  • Offer Exclusivity: Create a sense of exclusivity by providing discounts to specific groups like VIP customers or loyal subscribers. This strategy fosters customer loyalty and drives repeat purchases.
  • Set Expiration Dates: Drive urgency and prompt action by setting clear expiration dates for coupon codes. This encourages customers to take advantage of the discount before it expires.
  • Strategic Utilization: Avoid overusing coupon codes by strategically deploying them during targeted sales events or promotions. This approach ensures the codes remain impactful and prevents customers from becoming desensitized to frequent discounts.

Remember, while coupon codes can be powerful tools for boosting conversions, it's crucial to use them judiciously to maintain profitability and uphold your brand image.

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