How to send push notifications

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Push notifications allow you to reach your customers when they are not on the website and without going through their email inbox. Wisepops leverages our unique notification feed to enable a non-intrusive experience for collecting subscribers for Push Notifications.

Wisepops Push Notifications are only available for Shopify users for now.
A preliminary requirement is that you have already installed the Wisepops notification feed on your website. Follow our documentation if you need help setting it up.

Step 1 - Collecting subscribers for Push Notifications

To start collecting subscribers, you will need to activate Push Notifications on Wisepops by navigating to the "Push Notification" settings page.

This will create a new onsite notification in your notification feed that prompts visitors to subscribe to your push notifications. You can customize the prompt as well ad how often this prompt will keep reappearing.

The push notification subscription prompt is only displayed to Desktop and Android Mobile visitors. It is not displayed to iOS Mobile visitors since push notifications are not compatible with these devices.

Step 2 - Sending Push Notifications

Now that you have started to collect subscribers for your Push Notifications, you can create Push Notifications campaigns. To do that, go into the Notifications section in the left menu, and click on "Create a campaign". A new "Push Notification" template is available.

You can customize this campaign as with onsite campaigns, and choose to publish it now or schedule to publish it later. When this campaign is published, it will be sent to all the visitors that have subscribed to Push Notifications (see step 1). You can check how many subscribers received this push notification by looking at "Displays" either in the Notification dashboard or in the analytics.

For now, there are no targeting options for Push Notifications. Push Notifications are sent to all push notification subscribers. If you are interested in going further with Wisepops' Push Notifications, contact us at

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