Navigating Wisepops Dashboard

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Join us on this insightful journey into the heart of Wisepops - the Dashboard. This guide will help you understand the layout, features, and functionalities of your Wisepops Dashboard. From managing subaccounts and creating engaging popups to analyzing performance and customizing settings, we'll cover it all.

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned user, this tutorial will provide valuable insights to enhance your Wisepops experience.

Log into your Wisepops account to access the dashboard. This is your command center for all Wisepops activities.

Left panel

You will see a left panel with various tabs giving you access to different platform parts.

This left panel houses:

  • Your profile settings (1) Clicking on your profile icon gives you access to your profile, the Wisepops community, and the log-out option.
  • Your updates (2) The speaker icon next to it is your notification feed,where you can see any updates or messages from Wisepops.
  • Your subaccounts or linked websites (3) Managing multiple brands or websites? use the dropdown to navigate from one website dashboard to another easily.
  • Popup Campaigns: Create, edit, and manage your popups (4) Here, you can craft, edit, and manage your popups, bars, and embed campaigns.
  • Notifications: Manage your notification campaigns (5) Here, you can craft, edit, and manage your notifications campaigns.
  • Goals (6): Use the Goals tab to set up and track your conversion goals for your campaigns.
  • Analytics (7) Get in-depth insights into your campaigns, including views, clicks, conversions, and more.
  • Your Settings (8) Customize your account settings, manage your subscription and billing details, invite users, set up Wisepops, and more.

Popup dashboard:

This is where you have full control over creating, editing, and managing popups, bars, and embed campaigns.

  1. Creating a Campaign: Click on the '+' button to create a new campaign. Here, you have two options: use our Campaign Assistant for guided setup, or start from scratch for complete customization.
  2. Searching and Filtering Campaigns: Locate specific campaigns with ease using our efficient search bar and filters. You can search based on various criteria, ensuring that no campaign is ever out of reach.
  3. Displaying Stats: Toggle the display settings to view your campaign stats in either numerical value or percentage format. This flexibility allows you to analyze your data in the way that suits you best.
  4. Sorting Campaigns: On the right side of the dashboard, you'll find options to sort your campaigns based on parameters like date, name or performance.
  5. Managing Campaign Status: From the campaign list, you can review and adjust the status of each campaign with just a few clicks. It's campaign management made simple.
  6. Additional Campaign Options: Hover over a campaign for more options. You'll be able to duplicate and relocate campaigns within your Wisepops account, preview campaigns, and even create A/B tests for optimized performance. Look for the three-dot icon next to each campaign. Clicking on this reveals additional actions such as renaming campaigns, downloading contact/survey data, and more.

Happy exploring!

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