After-tracked-click Event

Lisa Fockens Updated by Lisa Fockens

The after-tracked-click event is fired after the conversion of a popup. This is one of the various events Wisepops can trigger as part of our JS callbacks feature

A click on the following elements can trigger the after-tracked-click event if the "track click" option is enabled:

  • Call-to-action
  • 2 Calls-to-action
  • Image
  • Link in text block

Additionally, links in HTML blocks with the class wisepops-track-click will also trigger it. 

Signup forms won't trigger this event (see after-form-submit).

Prevent action after click

The action after click can be prevented by calling preventDefault() on the event:

wisepops('listen', 'after-tracked-click', function(event) {

Preventing this event will only cancel the final action (load new page, scroll to anchor, close popup). The popup will still be considered as converted. Please refer to the before-tracked-click event to prevent the whole conversion.

Event target

The targeted element ( is the same element as the native click event target.

Use cases

After-popup-close Event

After-form-submit Event