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Notifications targeting guide

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Welcome to your comprehensive guide on how to effectively leverage the visitor targeting features of Wisepops for your notification campaigns. This guide will walk you through each feature, explaining their functionality and providing practical examples of how they can be used to optimize your campaigns.

Defining an Audience for Your Notification Campaign

In the "Targeting" section, you lay the groundwork for your campaign by defining your audience.

By clicking on the "Refine Audience" button, you can further customize your audience.

This reveals a variety of native and custom conditions available for your campaign. If no group is selected, Wisepops defaults to targeting your entire audience.

For a more refined audience, click the "Add Rule" button and choose an operator: either "AND" or "OR". Currently, these operators can only be used individually between conditions.

Note: To ensure notifications vanish when segmentation criteria are no longer met, activating the "disappearing notifications" feature is crucial. This hides notifications from visitors who no longer fit the segment.

URL Targeting

URL targeting allows you to focus on users based on the specific URLs they visit.

  • Offer special discounts to users who frequently visit your 'sale' page.
  • Target users visiting your 'pricing' page with exclusive trial offers.

Visit Count

Segment your audience based on their visit count.

  • Welcome new visitors as they arrive on your site, assuring they have landed at the right place.
  • Provide personalized offers to users who have visited a certain number of times.

Last Visit Date

Leverage the Last Visit Date attribute to push notifications to users based on when they last visited.

  • Remind customers who haven't visited in a while about an exclusive discount
  • Encourage inactive users to explore new features.

Pageview Count

Strategically engage users based on their cumulative pageview count. This method allows for a thoughtful delay of notifications, aligning them with the user's level of engagement during their browsing session.

  • Greet new visitors with an initial notification as soon as they land on your website, making them feel welcomed and valued. As they navigate to the second page, present them with a second notification offering a special discount, thereby stimulating their interest.
  • For those highly engaged visitors who delve into multiple pages on your site, reward their curiosity with exclusive deals and offers. This approach not only fosters a sense of exclusivity but also encourages continued exploration and interaction with your website.

UTM targeting

Wisepops enables you to leverage UTM parameters for targeting. Display specific notifications to visitors from particular sources, mediums, or campaigns as indicated by the UTM parameters in the URLs they clicked to reach your site.

  • Welcome visitors from a Facebook campaign with a special discount.
  • Boost sales from specific email campaigns with exclusive offers.

Device Targeting

Divide your audience based on their device type: mobile or desktop.

  • Promote your mobile app to all mobile users.
  • Suggest users switch to desktop for a more comprehensive experience.

Location Targeting

Using IP geolocation, Wisepops automatically identifies your visitors' location. Choose specific countries and postal codes using the drop-down menu or by typing them in.

  • Offer free shipping to local customers.
  • Provide localized offers or services.

Custom Property

Refine your audience targeting with custom properties for even more contextual notifications.

  • Improve your onboarding process with a tutorial for new users.
  • Boost your sales with limited-time offers based on the cart value
  • Reward loyal customers with exclusive offers or entice them to join your VIP club
Configuring custom properties requires some technical expertise, please reach out to your developer's team to implement them.

In conclusion, Wisepops offers a robust suite of targeting features to help you create effective and impactful notification campaigns. By understanding and utilizing these features, you can reach the right audience with the right message at the right time, driving engagement and conversions for your business. Remember, the key to successful targeting lies in knowing your audience well and using the appropriate mix of targeting features to reach them.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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