Introduction to the Google Analytics integration

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Unlock new levels of understanding about your audience's behavior thanks to the Wisepops integration with Google Analytics. This integration allows you to track and analyze how users interact with your Wisepops campaigns, providing valuable data that can help you optimize your onsite marketing campaigns.

By leveraging this integration, you'll be able to see Wisepops events, such as displays, clicks, and signups directly within Google Analytics. This enables a more comprehensive view of user engagement and the effectiveness of your campaigns in driving conversions.

Enable the Wisepops integration with Google Analytics

Simply ensure that both Wisepops and Google Analytics are installed on your website. Wisepops will automatically detect Google Analytics, and push custom events accordingly.

When Google Analytics (GA4) is installed on your website through Google Tag Manager (GTM), Wisepops pushes events to the GTM dataLayer. Check out our article on how to send Wisepops events to GA4 using GTM.

That's it! You've successfully integrated Google Analytics with Wisepops.

With this integration active, you can look forward to improved insights into user activity on your website. It allows for more effective measurement and optimization of your onsite marketing campaigns.

What are the custom events sent by Wisepops?

Wisepops automatically send the following events to your GA4 property:

  • wisepops_display - When a popup, bar or embed is displayed,
  • wisepops_click - When a link in a popup, bar or embed is clicked,
  • wisepops_form_submit - When a form in a popup, bar or embed is submitted,
  • wisepops_open_feed - When the notifications feed is opened,
  • wisepops_see_notification - When a notification teaser is displayed,
  • wisepops_click_notification - When a notification teaser is clicked,
  • wisepops_complete_notification - When a notification is completed (CTA clicked or form submitted).

All these events, apart from wisepops_open_feed, have the following property:

  • label - the campaign label

The event wisepops_form_submit has the additional property form_type, which can have one of the following values:

  • email
  • phone
  • survey

You may want to add the following events as Conversion Events:

  • wisepops_click
  • wisepops_form_submit
  • wisepops_complete_notification

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