Wisepops events in Google Analytics (GA4)

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Learn what events we send to Google Analytics (GA4) once you have activated the integration

Note: This is about the new Google Analytics 4 properties. For legacy Universal Analytics, please consult this page.

Support for GA4

Wisepops is compatible with the Google Analytics 4 properties. The events include the following:

  • wisepops_display - When a popup campaign is displayed (including bars and embeds),
  • wisepops_click - When a popup campaign is clicked (including bars and embeds),
  • wisepops_form_submit - When a form in a popup campaign is submitted (including bars and embeds),
  • wisepops_open_feed - When the notifications feed is opened,
  • wisepops_see_notification - When a notification teaser is displayed,
  • wisepops_click_notification - When a notification teaser is clicked,
  • wisepops_complete_notification - When a notification is completed (CTA clicked or form submitted).

All these events, apart from wisepops_open_feed, have the following property:

  • label – the campaign label

The event wisepops_form_submit has the additional property form_type, which can have one of the following values:

  • email
  • phone
  • survey

You may want to add wisepops_click, wisepops_form_submit and wisepops_complete_notification as Conversion Events.

If GA4 is installed through Google Tag Manager

In this situation, the gtag() function isn't available, Wisepops can't send events to Google Analytics out of the box. Instead, we send events to GTM. You must configure various variables, triggers and tags in GTM to forward the events to GA4.

Let's see what needs to be configured.

Create two GTM variables

First, we will create two variables in GTM to transmit the campaign names and the form types to Google Analytics.

Start the variable creation by clicking on "Variables", then "New" in the user-defined variables section.

  • Name your first variable: wisepops_label
  • Choose the type: Data Layer variable
  • In the Data Layer variable name type: wisepops_label
  • Save the variable

Create a second variable with the following details:

  • Name: wisepops_form_type
  • Type: Data Layer variable
  • Data Layer variable name: wisepops_form_type

Create three GTM triggers

Next, we want to create three triggers to be able to execute GTM tags based on Wisepops events. The three possible events are a display, a click and a form submit.

To create a new GTM trigger, go to the "Triggers" section and click "New".

  • Name your first trigger wisepops_display
  • Choose the trigger type: Custom Event
  • Set the event name: wisepops_display
  • Save the trigger

Create a second trigger with these details:

  • Name: wisepops_click
  • Type: Custom Event
  • Event name: wisepops_click

And finally, create a third trigger as outlined below:

  • Name: wisepops_form_submit
  • Type: Custom Event
  • Event name: wisepops_form_submit

Create three GTM tags

It's finally time to connect all these things together. 🎉

We'll create three tags to fire three different events types to GA4 based on the triggers and variables we previously created.

To create a new GTM tag, go to the "Tags" section and click "New".

  • Name the tag: Wisepops / GA4 - Display
  • Choose as tag type Google Analytics: GA4 Event
  • Choose as your configuration tag your existing tag name that contains your GA4 configuration.
  • Set the event name: wisepops_display
  • Add an event parameter:
    • The parameter name should be: label
    • The parameter value should be: {{wisepops_label}}
  • As trigger, choose the custom event: wisepops_display

Next, we'll create a second tag to send click events to GA4:

  • Tag name: Wisepops / GA4 - Click
  • Tag type: Google Analytics: GA4 Event
  • Event name: wisepops_click
  • Event parameter:
    • Name: label
    • Value: {{wisepops_label}}
  • Trigger: wisepops_click

Finally, configure a third tag for form submit events. Note, this one has two event parameters:

  • Tag name: Wisepops / GA4 - Form submit
  • Tag type: Google Analytics: GA4 Event
  • Event name: wisepops_form_submit
  • Event parameter:
    • Name: label
    • Value: {{wisepops_label}}
  • 2nd event parameter:
    • Name: form_type
    • Value: {{wisepops_form_type}}
  • Trigger: wisepops_form_submit

Once this is in place, you should be able to observe the Wisepops events in the real-time view of your GA4 property.

If you have any questions or are having trouble setting this up, don't hesitate to contact Wisepops support.

Wisepops events in Google Analytics (Universal Analytics)

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