Target a Popup To Display on Hover

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You have probably seen popups appear when you have hovered over an icon or button. You can create this style of popups using Wisepops. Follow the simple steps below to add some to your site.

Examples of on hover popups

Here are two popular uses for on hover popups.

  • Create a help popup: When the user hovers on the question mark or similar help icon, extra information appears in a popup.

  • Show a popup before your user clicks an element: When a user hovers on an element, a popup appears. No click or further action required.

Set up a popup triggered on hover

Now let's add an on hover popup to your site.

On the page where you want to display the popup, add an element id to the element you want to use as the trigger:

Back in Wisepops, open your popup in the campaign builder and click Display in the left-hand menu.

Select Triggers in the top bar menu. Select On Hover as your trigger and input your trigger element id:

Then click Pages and input the page where your popup should be displayed, as you can see below.

If you have campaigns set up to display on all the pages of your website, make sure to exclude this page to avoid cannibalization between your campaigns.

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