Add Wisepops to Prestashop

Lisa Fockens Updated by Lisa Fockens

Wisepops is fully compatible with Prestashop. Setting up Wisepops on your store is a breeze with these easy steps.

  1. Log in to your Wisepops account and go to your account settings
  2. Navigate to the Install Wisepops tab
  3. Copy the code or send the instructions to your developers

  1. Find your file “header.tpl” in your template folder under “themes/THEME_NAVN/
  2. Open header.tpl
  3. Paste it in your setup code before the </body> tag
  4. Add {literal} before and {/literal} after your setup code:


Wisepops setup code here


  1. Save and close the file.
  2. Now delete/force cache and compile your template files. Log in to Prestashop admin and go to advanced parameters > cache and click ‘clear smarty cache & autoload cache’
  3. Check the setup using Chrome or Firefox

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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