Chrome’s Update and Its Impact on Source URL Targeting

Lisa Fockens Updated by Lisa Fockens

Which visitors are affected by the origin limit update?

With the introduction of Chrome 85, Google implemented a new privacy rule. This update prevents Wisepops from detecting the full URL that your visitors came from.

This update concerns only Chrome users at the moment. (Reminder: Chrome has a large market share of the browser market).

How does this update affect you as a Wisepops user?

When you use the following option in the Audience tab, we can’t detect the full URL that your visitors came from anymore –– only the domain, scheme and port.

Let’s say one of your visitors using Chrome was browsing the following URL:

In Wisepops, it’s no longer possible to target Chrome users who came from this specific URL.

Instead, you can now only target visitors coming from the domain.

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