✨ How to create your first popup campaign

Lisa Fockens Updated by Lisa Fockens

Are you ready to create your first popup with Wisepops?

Watch our video tutorial or follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Create a campaign.

Start by logging in to your Wisepops account (or sign up for our free trial if you don't have an account).

Then, create a campaign using our Campaign Assistant or you can use our Custom Campaign builder.

You can choose from the following:

- Grow your audience (promote your ebook, newsletter, welcome discount, ...)

- Increase sales (promote sales, reduce cart abandonment, ...)

- Collect feedback or insights with surveys

- Seasonal campaigns

Choose a format and a layout for your campaign.

Wisepops lets you create various campaigns in different formats. Based on the visibility you want to give to your message choose from the following:

- Popups

- Bars

- Embeds

Then pick a pre-configured ready-to-use template optimized for user experience and conversion.

Design your campaign.

Use our design builder to edit your campaign, so it matches the look and feel of your website. Change colours, fonts, sizes, and drag and drop new elements into your popup (text, image, video, HTML, countdown timer, sign-up form, and many more) or delete existing ones.

Configure your display rules.

Wisepops lets you define your campaign triggers and targeting options. Target the right audience on your website by specifying when and where your campaign will show, who can see it, and the frequency.

Add your code snippet to your site.

When your campaign is ready and activated, all you have to do, is insert the tracking code in your website's backend (or via Google Tag Manager). Then, your campaign will immediately start displaying. You’ll only have to add this code once. It’s easy to do – no coding skills are required!

To learn how, check out Add Wisepops to Your Website

Once you have installed your code, your campaign will appear as scheduled. You can track the performance of your campaign in your Analytics dashboard.

That’s it! You’re now initiated into the world of popups. 

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