How to track signups with a tracking pixel

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UPDATE: You can now execute custom Javascript when our forms are submitted. Please refer to the JS callbacks documentation, and the after-form-submit event

The following content describes a legacy method to track your conversions, by:

  1. Creating a page on your website where you include your tracking pixel, and
  2. Redirect your subscribers to this page.

Configure a thank you page where you have the pixel set up

Create a new page on your website. Make sure it includes your tracking pixel. Then add a message to confirm that the email has been correctly submitted.

You can also use that page to display a coupon to your subscribers.

Send your subscribers to the thank you page

Once your thank-you page is ready, we're going to configure your popup to redirect your subscribers to it. Open the popup that you want to track. Click on your signup field.

And in the left menu, click "Button".

Below the field's label, select "Load new page"

Input the URL of your thank you page:

You're done!

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