Manage Your Frequency Settings

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To access your frequency settings, open your Wisepops popup and click the Display icon in the left menu.

Then select the Frequency tab.

"Show again" options

The Show again section allows you to set how frequently you want your popup to appear.

  • If you select On every page, the popup will display every time users match your targeting conditions. Let's say your popup is set to display on your homepage and on your contact page. If visitors view both pages, they will see your popup twice.
  • If you select Every session, your visitors will see your popup once for every navigation session. In other words, they will have to leave your website and come back to see it again. If they visit the homepage and the contact page, they will only see your popup on the first page they visit. Note: the definition of session varies depending on your browser. For example, for Chrome a session lasts two hours.
  • If you select Every X, your visitors will see your popup x times pages  depending on your chosen interval.

Stop showing options

The Stop showing section allows you to set the conditions your visitors have to meet to stop seeing the popup:

  • If you select "never", your visitors will see your popup every time they match your targeting conditions.
  • "Signup" or "click" allows you to stop displaying the popup when your visitor has converted (clicked your popup or given her email address)
  • "After showing X times" lets you set a limit of displays

Pro tip: Display scenarios take one minute to go live once you have saved them.

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