Frequency Settings

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Timing is everything. It is even more when displaying popup campaigns to visitors.

After configuring your trigger, pages, and audience rules, you can decide how often your campaign will be shown to your visitors.

To access your frequency settings, open your Wisepops campaign and click on the Display rules icon in the left menu and navigate to the Frequency tab:

"Show again" options

The Show again section allows you to set how frequently you want your campaign to appear.

  • If you select Every page load, the campaign will display every time users match your targeting conditions. Let's say your popup is set to display on your homepage and your contact page. If visitors view both pages, they will see your popup twice.
Remember that too many pop-ups can spoil the user experience on your site, so mind their quantity and frequency. This setting is usually useful for campaign formats that are not instrusive (eg: CTA popups, bars, embeds)
  • If you select Every session, your visitors will see your campaign once for every navigation session. A session ends when the browser is closed, or after 2 hours without loading any page of your site. In other words, the visitor will see the campaign only once during a visit to your website.
  • If you select Every X days/minutes/pages, your visitors will see your popup x times or pages depending on your chosen interval.

Stop showing options

The Stop showing section allows you to set the conditions your visitors have to meet to stop seeing the popup:

  • If you select "after visitor has closed the campaign", your visitors will stop seeing your campaign after they've closed the campaign once, regardless of other settings.
  • "After visitor has signed up clicked" allows you to stop displaying a campaign when your visitor has converted (clicked your campaign CTA or given submitted a form)
  • "After visitor has seen the campaign X times" lets you set a limit of displays

The conditions of frequency are stored in the browser cookies. If the user uses another device or deletes the browsing data (or uses another browser), we will consider him/her as a new visitor and will display a pop-up again.

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