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How to create unique Shopify discount codes in your popups and notifications

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A unique discount code is unique to each customer and can be used only once. This guide will help you create unique discount codes for your Shopify store and add them automatically to Wisepops campaigns. Note that Wisepops currently supports unique discount codes only for Shopify.


1) Make sure your chosen template includes the Sign-up block where the Submit button leads to “Display a thank you message” setting

2) Unique discount codes can only be added to the Thank-you step so that Wisepops only generates unique codes for visitors who submit their information.

Steps to create unique Shopify discount codes in your popups

In the Editor:

  1. Go to Blocks in the main menu

blocks tab in menu

  1. Click Step 2 to switch to the second step window of your popup

thank-you tab in wisepops

If you would like to add more steps, check our guide here.
  1. Choose the Discount code block

discount codes block in wisepops

  1. Click Select in the Unique discount code section

unique discount code section

ℹ️ You might be asked to allow Wisepops to access the discounts in your Shopify account. Simply click Allow to continue.

window with access to shopify discounts

  1. Choose a unique discount from your Shopify store

Note that you need to have configured the discount in your Shopify account before adding it to the Wisepops campaign. Choose the one you'd like to use.

choosing the discount

The code will be added to the campaign once you've confirmed your choice.

ℹ️ Don't see any discounts? Please check if your Shopify account has one-time discounts—only they can be used as unique codes. To make a one-time discount, set the maximum code uses setting in your Shopify dash to one 👇

max discount uses settings

  1. Customize the Button tab

The Unique Discount block has one more tab: Button.

button tab in wisepops

There, you can allow the customer to copy the code to the clipboard or apply it automatically to the checkout.

choosing the discount application mode

Also, you can customize the copy on the button as well as decide what happens after the customer clicks it.

Optional step:

  1. Add a prefix to your discount code

You can also make your code more contextual by adding a prefix (e.g. WELCOME for a first-time customer discount).

This is done in the Prefix section.

discount prefix feature

How to sync the unique discount code with your email provider

It can be very helpful to attach the unique discount code to the new email contact gathered by Wisepops and sent to your email provider. That way, you can remind them of their discount code in an email. To do so, add a new hidden field in your form, and choose the user attribute "Unique discount code". You will be able to choose a merge tag. You will also find the coupon code in the CSV export of the collected leads.


When creating a discount in Shopify using Wisepops, it's important to note that you can modify the discount in both platforms. However, Wisepops is not able to pull discounts from Shopify, which means that you must create discounts in Wisepops to use them.
  1. To create a discount, head over to your Notifications dashboard and click on "Discounts" located at the top right menu.
  2. Once you click on "Create discount", a popup will appear where you can configure your discount code.
  3. Here you have the option to set the level of discount, minimum value, and expiration date.

After configuring your discount, click on "Create" and you're done.

It's important to note that Wisepops discounts are one-time use, but this characteristic and others can be modified in Shopify's discount section.
  1. Once created, the coupon can be added in line with the Notification campaign.

Apply a Shopify discount code to the cart