Warning: this guide is more a hack than a real technique to create a micro-commitment popup. If you'd like this option to work out of the box, feel free to contact us through the chat. The more upvotes we get for this feature, the sooner we'll release it.

Step 1:

Create a first campaign. It will be the first screen.
Add a two call-to-actions block.

For each CTA, select "Close" for the CTA's action.

Step 2:

Create a JS callback listening for the event After tracked click, with the following script:

event.detail.wisepops('event', 'popup-on-cta-click');

Step 3:

Create a second campaign. It will be your form. 

Open the "Display" section.

Select "Custom event" and paste the following name: popup-on-cta-click:

In the "Frequency" section, apply the following settings:

Step 4:

Turn on both campaigns.

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