Your popup doesn't appear? Don't worry, it's a common issue.
Follow this guide step by step to fix the problem.

Did you check in private navigation/incognito? 

Open a private session/use incognito mode to make sure your pop-up is not displaying. Here's how to use private navigation on Chrome.
If it's displaying in private navigation, it means you didn't see the popup before because of your frequency settings.

Did you implement the WisePops code? If so, are you sure it's still in place? Is it set up on the URL where the popup should appear?

Here's how to check.

Did you implement the right setup code?

If you're managing multiple websites, make sure you embedded the right code on the right domain.

To do so, check the right part of the setup code's URL:

And compare it with what you have in your websites' settings:

Did you activate your campaign?

You can activate your pop-up from your Dashboard, by turning the Status button to green.

Did you activate a schedule?
If so, make sure it's correctly set up.

Did you target a valid URL?

If you have set your campaign to display on targeted URLs only, make sure the URL is correct. Pay close attention to:

Have you recently upgraded?

If your account was inactive (your trial was over or you reactivated a canceled subscription), it can take up to 20 minutes for your campaigns to resume.

Did you set extreme delays? 

If you select display after 50 seconds and after 3 pages the pop-up will only display on the 4th page, after 50 seconds on this same page. Make sure to select a reasonable time, we recommend 5-10 seconds on the first, second or third page.

Do you have other campaigns which could interact with your popup?

WisePops allows only one popup to display on a given page. So if you're not seeing your campaign, it could be that a different campaign is set to be displayed instead. For example if you have 2 campaigns, one displayed on landing and the other on exit, both eligible to display on the same page. You may not see your landing popup because our system has chosen the exit popup to appear instead.

Does your company have a firewall in place?

Try opening your website on your cellphone using cellular data. If you can see the popup, it probably means your company uses a firewall that blocks WisePops.

If you haven't found the solution to your problem yet, contact us through the chat, we'll be happy to help.

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