Managing Your Account


Understand how Wisepops billing works and how to manage your subscription

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Add/Delete Website

All plans include one free website or more. You can add websites for $10/website/month. Log in to your Wisepops Dashboard. Click on your “Profile” in the right-hand corner and select "Settings" in th…

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Updated 11 months ago by Lisa Fockens

Add, edit, and delete users

Learn how to manage the list of users who have access to your Wisepops account.

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Use Distinct Websites for Staging and Production

Test your popups on your staging environment while ensuring they are fully isolated from your production.

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Use right-to-left writing

Do you need support for Hebrew or Arabic? Contact us by email (support //at// wisepops ¤ com) or via the chat, we'll activate RTL support for you :)

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Updated 1 year ago by Lisa Fockens