Adding the notification feed to your website

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​Adding the notification feed to your website

Once the tracking code is installed, it automatically appears as the floating feed. If you want the feed embedded in your header check out this doc.

Lisa Fockens
Updated 3 weeks ago by Lisa Fockens

Customize your Notifications Feed with Advanced Feed Customization

At this time, the Advance Feed Customization feature is enabled on a per-merchant basis. If you'd like this feature so that you can pursue deeper customization, simply reach out to our team and we'll…

Lisa Fockens
Updated 2 months ago by Lisa Fockens

Add the notification feed with Shopify

You can now integrate the Wisepops notification feed into your Shopify store directly from the Shopify theme editor. In the Wisepops app settings, select "Notifications" then click on "Setup with Sho…

Updated 1 month ago by Dev

Hide the bell until the notifications are loaded

To avoid the frustrations of a temporarily "unclickable bell", it is a good practice to hide the notification bell icon until the notifications are loaded. This is especially true if you use a soluti…

Updated 11 months ago by Dev