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Mastering Notifications: boost customer journeys with Wisepops

To use Wisepops notifications effectively, it's essential to understand your customer journey and present the right content to guide visitors through your funnel. Consider the information you want yo…

Lisa Fockens
Updated 6 months ago by Lisa Fockens

How to send push notifications

Push notifications allow you to reach your customers when they are not on the website and without going through their email inbox. Wisepops leverages our unique notification feed to enable a non-intr…

Updated 2 weeks ago by Dev

How to prioritize and pin a notification at the top of your Notification Feed

The article provides a step-by-step guide on how to prioritize and pin a specific notification campaign at the top of your Wisepops notification feed to ensure maximum visibility.

Lisa Fockens
Updated 4 months ago by Lisa Fockens