GDPR & CCPA compliance

Wisepops is 100% compliant with the GDPR and the CCPA. If you need more info, we recommend these articles: How Do We Process Your Data as a Client and Secure It?. What Details Do We Collect About You…

Lisa Fockens
Updated 2 years ago by Lisa Fockens

Configure the Wisepops cookies lifetime

By default, the cookies we set on your visitors devices will expire after 2 years. You can easily adjust our cookies' lifetime by placing the following snippet just after our setup code: wisepops('op…

Lisa Fockens
Updated 2 years ago by Lisa Fockens

Accessibility and compliance with ADA/WCAG

At Wisepops, our mission is to ensure that your campaigns are inclusive and adhere to the necessary government regulations. To this end, we worked hard to make your popups and notifications campaigns…

Boris Hocdé
Updated 9 months ago by Boris Hocdé

Information concerning cookies

Wisepops is an on-site marketing solution that provides website owners (hereinafter referred to as the “Clients”) with the ability to display targeted campaigns in the form of pop-ups (banner or wind…

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Compliance with Shopify's Customer Privacy

Wisepops integrates with the Shopify's Customer Privacy API. We adhere to the Customer Privacy settings you have selected in your Shopify account. These settings dictate how we use cookies to collect…

Boris Hocdé
Updated 6 months ago by Boris Hocdé