Everything you need to know about the migration to V3

Lisa Fockens Updated by Lisa Fockens

Why this new version?

We have been dreaming of this version since Day 1: It offers you the most beautiful popup designs available on the web (for desktops AND mobiles), and a new super intuitive and powerful interface to set up your campaigns. It also comes with a whole new set of templates (see below). We think you’ll love it!

What’s new?

Learn about the new options we introduced in this short video:

Will the migration affect my live popups?

Your live campaigns won’t be affected by the migration until you

(1) open them in the new editor and

(2) save them.

How will the migration affect my campaigns?

We’ve done our best to make sure that the popups you created in our legacy editor look the same in the new version.

That said, we updated so many elements of the editor that your popups’ designs might be altered. 

Again, what you see in the new editor is not what your visitors see on your website until you open the popup and save it in the new editor.

We noticed that the migration often affects the following elements:

1) Text blocks

Text blocks are converted, but, in some cases, you’ll need to further adjust their style.

2) CSS

If you were using CSS to style your popups, please update your classes. You’ll find a quick intro to our new classes here.

3) Image blocks

If you added text to your image blocks, you may have to adjust the design of your blocks as well.

4) Custom scripts

If you are using scripts to build surveys, collect phone numbers, collect UTMs or something similar, please contact us; we’ll help you adapt your script.

Feel free to contact us using the chat or at social #at# wisepops.com if you need help.