From the template gallery, you can select our spin to win template

...or add the wheel component to your campaign from the blocks menu

2) Customize the wheel look & feel to match your brand identity and website,

3) Configure the winning or losing slices in the "Prize" Column, and adjust the probability of winning or losing in the "Chance" column

4) Add your own discount codes in the "Code" column.

Note: If you configured losing slices, display a generic message such as "Sorry" or "Better luck next time" like in the following example.

5) Once you are done with the main popup, configure the confirmation message in the "Thank you" tab

6) If you want to send your lead to your email marketing solution, go back to your main popup, click on your wheel and go to the "Sync" tab and select your tool

7) If you want to pass a visitor's discount code and prize along with their email addresses to your email marketing tool, move to the "fields" tab, click to the "Merge field" checkbox, and map it to a destination field in your email marketing system in the 'Merge with' dropdown field.

Feel free to reach out to us on our chat if you need help!

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