Four of the triggers available in Wisepops can be combined with a delay:

  • Landing

  • Exit

  • Scroll

  • Custom event

There are two types of delays:

  • Time delay: In this case, we wait for the number of seconds you set before displaying your popup.

  • Page delay: In this case, we don’t display the popup unless the user has seen the number of pages you set.

Here are a few examples.

Fire a popup on the second page viewed

Fire a popup when the user has been on the page more than 10 seconds

Note: If the user navigates to a new page before the end of the delay, we reset the delay.

For example, a delay of 10 seconds was set. After 7 seconds on page A, the user opens page B. She will see the popup after 10 seconds on page B.

Fire a popup when the user exits after visiting 3 pages or spending more than 15 seconds on the same page

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