Set the click trigger in your scenario

When selecting the click trigger in your campaign targeting, we will ask you to append #wisepops by default to the link you want as trigger.

You can change this default #wisepops hash to something more in context with the actual intention. For example #contact-sales or #out-of-stock. This will let you configure different click-triggered campaigns on the same page.

For this example, we will keep referring to #wisepops. You should use the hash you chose instead.

Add the hash to the links that should trigger the campaign

Now we need to add this hash to the appropriate links. For example, we can add this piece of HTML in a page:

<a href="#wisepops">Link text</a>

We can also add the hash at the end of a fallback URL:

<a href="">Link text</a>

In this latter example, the redirection to will happen only if no campaign is triggered by the click.

Feel free to contact our support if you have any question!

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