WisePops offers two options to trigger popup on link/button click.
The first one if the easiest to implement.
The second one is best if you're displaying more than one popup on the same page (reminder: we usually allow one popup to appear on a given page).

Technique #1: use the "Click" trigger

Step 1: Tag the link that will trigger the popup

Edit the link/button you want to trigger your popup to append #wisepops to your link href attribute.
If the only action associated with your link is your popup, just input #wisepops.

Step 2: Edit your popup's display scenario

Open your popup in the editor and click "Display" in the left menu.
Under "Triggers", select "On Click":

Technique #2: use the "custom event" trigger

Step 1: tag your link/button

On your website, insert the following link

<a href="#" onclick="wisepops('event', 'user-click'); return false;">Click here</a>

(The snippet return false; tells the browser not to follow the link provided in href.) 

You can also get the exact same result with a button:

<button onclick="wisepops('event', 'user-click');">Click</button>

Step 2: select your trigger

Open your popup in WisePops.

Click "Display" in the left menu and select "On custom event".

Paste the name of your custom event (in our example, we used user-click).

Save your popup.

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