• in this tutorial, we'll use custom properties. They are included in the Pro, Expert and Enterprise plans.
  • this tutorial will work for people who've been on the page after the implementation of the script

This article will help you target visitors who have been on a specific page of your website. For example visitors who have already seen your pricing page or people who already saw your promo page.

Script Preparation

To make this work, we need to embed a new script that will memorize when a user visits a specific page of your website.

Step 1:

Copy the following code.

if (window.location.pathname === '/example') {
    wisepops('properties', {
        ExamplePageVisit: new Date(),

Step 2:

Replace /example/ by the URL you're targeting.
We also recommend you rename the property ("ExamplePageVisit" in my example)

Here's what the code would look like if I were to target our pricing page (URL =

if (window.location.pathname === '/pricing') {
    wisepops('properties', {
        PricingPageVisit: new Date(),

Code Implementation

Paste the code you just prepared right before the closing </script> tag of your WisePops setup code (if you're using our Magento or Shopify extension, contact us, we'll help you implement the script)

Here's an example of what you should end up with:

Display Scenario

Now that the script is implemented, we have a new custom property that we can use.

Every time a user visits the page: the custom property's value will be updated to reflect the time of her visit.

To target visitors who have already been on the page, create the following rule (remember to replace "PricingPageVisit" by the name of your own property:

If you want to exclude the visitors who have been on the page, add the following condition:

Target Visitors Who've Been On URLs That Contain A Keyword

If you want to target all the URLs that contain a keyword, you can use this script instead:

if (window.location.href.indexOf('examp') > -1) {
    wisepops('properties', {
        ExamplePageVisit: new Date(),

The following script would work for or

Any questions? Feel free to contact us!

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