In this guide, we'll explain how you can set up a control group.

Note: to measure the results of your test, you'll need:

  • Our AB testing option (including in all plans except the basic plan)
  • The Google Analytics integration or the goal tracking option

Step 1: create your popup

Step 2: on the dashboard, click "A/B" next to your campaign

Step 3: rename your variations (for example: popup and control group)

Step 4: open the control group.

Step 5: remove all the blocks from the design. For this example, I started with

and ended up with:

Don't forget to disable the overlay and the closing X as well.

Step 6:
set the background color to transparent.

Step 7: set the size of the popup to be 1 pixel by 1 pixel:

Step 8: set the position to lower left corner (to avoid someone clicking the pixel accidentally)

At this point, the popup should be 100% invisible.

Step 9: turn on your campaign and follow the results for each group in Google Analytics or using goal tracking.

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